Home remedies for tooth abscesses

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Abscesses of teeth are stubborn things.

They are caused by bacteria (or rather by different bacteria types working together) and even dentists don’t have any solution for them except for something brutal methods like pulling the tooth or scraping the infection out through the jaw bone.

Since tooth abscesses can be caused by different bacteria home remedies tend to work on some but not on other tooth abscesses.

I don’t know if abscesses can ever go away completely (since there are hundreds of gaps, slits and places in the head where the abscess causing germs can hide).That’s why antibiotics never work 100%: There will always be some space left where they can hide (and be it in your ears or in the jaw joints).

But at least here are some home remedies:

Somebody else’s home remedies against tooth abscesses (not mine)

Here are the most notable home remedies that I found on the net. My own home remedies are further below.

  • Oils (clove oils, mint oil, sage oil). You may also chew cloves. You can buy them in any supermarket.
  • Garlic cloves: Put the whole clove between tongue and tooth or between cheek and tooth. Don’t grind the clove. Use the whole clove (peeled of course). Then after an hour or so (i.e. after the garlic oils have slowly evaporated the clove) you can chew the garlic and let the crushed pieces do their work.
  • Cashew nuts: Eat more than usual. It’s supposedly the anacardic acid that works against bacteria.
  • Onion: Put onion pieces in your mouth.
  • Black tea bags.
  • Strepsils: The tablets are bactericides and numb the pain.


My own home remedies against tooth abscesses

  • There are 2 things that cause abscess pain.
    1) The infection/inflammation itself
    2) The pressure of the pus that builds up around the tooth
  • Therefore you need to take a needle and sting the gum so that the pus comes out
  • And you need to take measures so that the infection/inflammation is reduced and doesn’t drain you of micronutrients.

OK, so…

  • Chew copper tablets. I believe that copper deficiency (or an overdose of copper antagonists) is one of the leading causes of tooth abscesses. Even if you had abscess bacteria somewhere in your gum before, the actual outbreak can be triggered by copper deficiency (or by copper antagonists).
  • Chew selenium tablets.
  • I didn’t find zinc and sulfur too helpful, but since the bacteria differ from person to person you can try zinc and sulfur. But first take copper. If the symptoms get worse try sulfur. Then sulfur+copper. Then try zinc.
  • You need to let the pus out. Just the pressure of the pus alone can drive you mad and into the emergency room.
  • Tooth abscesses are no jokes. If untreated you can collapse and get unconscious or even die. If untreated for a long period of time it will weaken your immune system or spread to other organs. Treatment of rotten teeth prevents people from dying from heart attacks.
  • Buy procaine in the form of KH3 or GH3 (and anti-aging supplement). Chew the pill and it will numb your gums. And, hey, you will get younger, too.
  • Chew bitter almond seeds. They, too, numb your gums and supposedly prevent/fight cancer.
  • Buy insulin injection needles (pretty cheap in pharmacies). With these needles you can (without much pain) prick the gum (to let the pus out) and inject sodium ascorbate.
    You make your own sodium ascorbate by mixing sodium bicarbonate (“soda powder” in every supermarket) with ascorbic acid powder (“vitamin C”): Dissolve the vitamin C powder in water and add some soda powder. Let it fizz out. Now add some more until it refuses to fizz anymore. Then take the insulin needle and inject the fluid in your gum.
  • Potassium ascorbate: Just like sodium ascorbate but you will have to mix potassium (bi)carbonate (used for cooking) with ascorbic acid.
  • L-Ornithine. Strangely I didn’t find this amino acid mentioned anywhere but it helps. L-Arginine helps, too, but ornithine is better. L-cysteine in my view promotes tooth abscesses. Maybe because it chelates copper.
  • Glutamic acid
  • Vitamin B4 (niacinamide). Mind you, not niacin (tastes sour) but niacinamide (tastes bitter). One of the best things against deeper teeth problems. However, I think it causes high blood pressure by antagonizing against magnesium. And I think that vitamin B9 can make mouth inflammations worse.
  • Take Gucosamine. Glucosamine will not help you against the bacteria themselves but it may alleviate the degree of the inflammation.

So these are my tips that I myself found out and I never saw mentioned anywhere.

Please comment here whether anything helped or not.

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  1. Comment by helena — 31 May 2013 at 11:31   Reply

    Thankyou! I will try some of these tommorrow. So far tea tree, hot salt water, baking soda, garlic has not help. Have been alternating these all day! Will let you know if your advice helps.

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