Year 2060 – The end of feminism due to fembots and artifcial uteri


Things look good for men.

Feminism will end 2060 (just a random year approximately 50 years from now).

And the two reasons are

  • Artificial uteruses (artificial uteri)
  • Realistic fembots (female robots, women androids)

Each of these two things is enough to shrink feminism immensely. But both together mean the death of feminism.

Let me explain…



Men want sex more than quarrel

Men want sex. That’s no secret.

But men want sex so much they’re even willing to live together with a woman who quarrels, bitches around, makes snide remarks, refuses to cook, refuses to raise children correctly and who represents a constant danger to sue him, accuse him of rape or kidnap his children.

For men in such relationships sex is the main reason to continue.

Thus realistic fembots are a viable alternative for these men.

This is the thought that these men will have:
“Looking at my current wife/girl-friend
should I drop her for a fembot that looks the same (or better)?”
“Looking at my current wife/girl-friend
should I additionally get a fembot?”

And should men in the future EVER MISS dissing, quarreling, shouting it will be rather easy to program some “bitch algorithms”.

On the other hand women want to talk and (and sometimes want to hurt) more than sex. Thus for women malebots (mandroids) are a far less viable alternative. Especially since intelligent conversations are far more complicated to implement than mere body functions (sex).

Fembots > Malebots



Women want to marry up

Women HATE to marry down. Women LOVE to marry up (richer-than-self guys, taller-than-self guys, more-intelligent-than-self guys).

Men marry the secretary or the millionaire. Men are far more willing to accept what a woman has to offer financial-wise or achievement-wise.

Thus fembots (who naturally would look up to the man) are satisfactory for men. Women on the other hand will have a hard time to find

  • a malebot they can look up to
  • who will take them convincingly in the arms when they cry
  • who will offer protection when they walk in empty streets at night
  • who will do things the woman can complain about (leaving socks around)


Fembots > Malebots



Men could be happy with a 1- or 2-function fembot

I think it’s enough for men to have a fembot that does 1 or 2 things really well.

Women on the other hand need a partner who could take care of car repairs, tax returns (if there is such thing in 50 years), sudden problems, carrying heavy things etc..

Women also need somebody they can hurt psychologically or whom they can please by doing typically female things (cooking, wearing sexy negligees,…). This also would be far less possible with malebots.

It’s common experience that women often don’t know what they want. Again, a malebot is far less capable to tell the woman what she wants.

Fembots > Malebots



Women want more children than men

Since women usually want more children than men, and since there are more men than women who don’t want to have any children at all, fembots will be competitors of nearly all women, while malebots will only be useful to those women, who want to be with a man who doesn’t want children.

Fembots > Malebots



Fembots are cheaper than malebots

Since malebots are far less useful to women (than fembots to men) fembots will be sold in higher numbers. Therefore they will be cheaper than malebots and thus less available to women (who additionally naturally earn less money than men).

Fembots > Malebots



Women copy other women

Additionally I believe that women copy very much the behavior of other women (newest fashions, acceptable behavior, values etc). Thus if the standards are more and more set by fembots, women will fembot’ize their behavioral patterns, too.



Women will have to compete like never before in the history of humanity

Since suddenly millions of men have fembots the number of available men shrinks and thus women have to compete not only with fembots but also with other women for the available men left.

The main reasons for a relationship with human women are sex, child birth and partnership. But sex will be replaceable by fembots and birth by artificial uteruses.

Women will not be able to compete in the body area (sex, looks, staying forever young, health issues), nor in the easiness area (divorce, alimony, turn off switch) therefore “partnership value” will be the main asset of future women.

Thus women will naturally be forced to get as close to “the perfect wife” as possible in the following areas where fembots cannot compete against humans:

  • affection/love
  • cooking (although cooking itself could be replaced by fembots, trying out new things that taste good for the husband is hardly possible)
  • artfully styling the house embracing the preferences of the husband and the children
  • motherhood
  • intelligent conversations
  • partnership, warmth
  • being a team-mate, love-mate, soul-mate
  • being helpful and non-dangerous

These are EXACTLY all things that feminism tries to eradicate so much.

Fembots will kill feminism
and lead to a renaissance of womanhood
and feminism will be replaced by feminine-ism.



The 2 types of women in the future

So how will the future of womanhood look like?

One part of female humanity will start to emphasize typical female features that fembots cannot offer (affection, fairness, motherhood, …).

The other females will be incapable of competing with fembots (or with other women) thus they will die out (childless, husbandless) or will compete with men, thus become more like men, thus will become unnecessary, because the world doesn’t need imitators of men (“hyenas”).



Won’t governments or religions stop fembots or artificial wombs?

I doubt that it’s possible to stop the advance of fembots.

After all it’s a multi-billion dollar industry (actually multi-trillion dollars like the car industry, especially if you consider that men may have several fembots, and even married men may have several fembots).

A feministic government may try to force fembot producers to implement special behavioral patterns (“feministic fembots”) but that’s a rather unlikely scenario.

Feminists may claim that fembots are furthering the objectifying of women but that’s also true for dildos, androids at the working place and Barbie dolls. Additionally you may always counter-argue that fembots reduce prostitution, thus are actually helpful to further female issues.

Fembots are not only useful in the area of personal recreation but also in shops (cleaning personnel, presenter), in hotels (simple receptionist) and for other simple tasks.

Religious leaders won’t stop fembots because fembots allow to do all kinds of things (sexual and non-sexual) without the limitati0ns of religious rules.

Feminist governments also won’t stop artificial uteri. Because it is the long feministic dream to separate children from women. Feminists would want to have artificial uteri right now (if they could) thus artificial uteri is the last thing feminists would reject.

And EVEN IF governments decide to stop artificial uteri: It doesn’t change the fact that women will have to compete with fembots thus will diminish the disgusting evil influence of feminism.

Another possible scenario the planned reduction of the supply of women (e.g. by restricting female embryos). However that is an utterly unfeministic idea (some feminists would love to see abortions of male embryos only) because it reduces female visibility in society even more.




As I see it, the shock waves created by fembots will be greater than by the anti-baby pill and feminism combined. And there won’t be anything that feminist could do about it.

Thus even if you will not be among the men who will buy a fembot, fembots will benefit you, too.


Waiting for the impact. Just a few more decades to go…

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67 Responses to “Year 2060 – The end of feminism due to fembots and artifcial uteri”

  1. ZBK says:

    Fantastic. This should be an eye-opener for all American women. Their days and ways are numbered if they continue with their present attitudes and lifestyle.

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    • FeministElphie says:

      BY WHO?

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      • Spillover says:

        Nice Post.
        Just the artificial uterus.. is needed. In fact creating babies genetically outside of Men and Women will solve all problem for Men. Women will end as something in between Man and ape in the food chain.

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      • Joe Mamma says:

        By yourselves. That’s what you fail to see. You’re your own worst enemies.

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    • Sittingonthefence says:

      Why American women? Why women? Feminists, maybe. But females collectively? And fembots would be slow to catch on, if at all. And why should they be truly threatened? Women will ALWAYS be born, and will always be alive as long as their counterparts are; humanity will likely die in one event.

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  2. Sonya says:

    You guys are sick and wrong! And you all accuse women of hating men. This trash is straight up misogyny at it’s finest. For the record, it is possible to have a loving, committed relationship with the opposite sex and not have these issues you describe. BUT, both partners have to put effort into it, not just the woman. Been in one for the last 11 years and we couldn’t be happier. Oh, and just a little note, you are capable of taking care of your kids, making meals and cleaning the house just as well as any female! DO IT FUCK NUT!

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    • antifeminist antifeminist says:
      @Sonya (((“You guys are sick and wrong! And you all accuse women of hating men. ”)))

      While not all women hate men, hating women have it so much easier to punish men with all the tools that are offered to them by the matriarchy we live in.

      Thus even in a good relationship there is always the asymmetrical danger of “female force” as the woman sees fit.

      Even if it doesn’t apply to YOU, it may apply to your sons or your friends.

      Besides: Your post has actually nothing to do with this topic here.

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      • FeministElphie says:

        how are we a matriarchy? Is it a matriarchy where muslim law legally allows a husband to kill his wife if she cheats on him? And yet it is almost encouraged for men to be unmanogmist. I know, you feel your mommy didn’t love you enough, and because of that all women hate men and are cold and rigid. And it’s true, women do fear men on some level. They are different and they treat us like outsiders yet expect us be like them. The same thing goes vice versa. I think there always will be a different position in society between men and women.There is no stopping that. But as I feminist I think both men and women, maybe even more of the women’s responsibiliy then the men, should try to make us stand on equal levels.The beauty that you fear in women is that they love you quickly and easily, you think we are submissive because we agree to commit before you do.Yes we are different, but in no way can we be replaced by robots. If we could how come all the women in the world aren’t replaced by blow up dolls for sex and servants to provide work?If you truly hated us you would feel indifferent, and you’re not.

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        • Fabien says:

          Don’t bother. This article makes it clear what these guys would like women to be: mindless sex and house slaves. So a society where women are allowed to vote must really look like a matriarchy to them!

          Seriously, this article is stupid and sick. Stupid if you think this is a realistic scenario (robotics will need a lot more than 50 years to reach this level and I seriously doubt there will ever be a market for it), and sick if you really think men would be happy to replace women by robots.

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          • antifeminist antifeminist says:
            @Fabien (((“Don’t bother. This article makes it clear what these guys would like women to be: mindless sex and house slaves.”)))

            Ridiculous. It’s vice versa: Feminism creates female monsters who are enemies of men hence women will be replaceable by bots, because bots are not enemies of men.

            You see, if women were kind and helpful there would be no need for fembots.

            @Fabien (((“So a society where women are allowed to vote must really look like a matriarchy to them!”)))

            No, a society where men have less rights (= our society currently) is a matriarchy.

            @Fabien (((“I seriously doubt there will ever be a market for it”)))

            No market for sex? Hahaha.

            @Fabien (((“and sick if you really think men would be happy to replace women by robots.”)))

            It’s really sad what women have turned into: Persons whom men seek to replace. A terrible development indeed, started by feminism.

            Additionally you don’t understand the calculation.

            If only 5% of men choose bots over biological entities, then there will be 5% of less men available for women.

            And if an additional 10% of men choses to have both a bot and a BE, then again these women in a relationship with such a man have an everyday competitor.

            It will have a huge impact even if only a few men buy a bot. Did I say buy? There will be rent-a-bot and bot brothels, too.

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          • Fabien says:

            > Ridiculous. It’s vice versa: Feminism creates female monsters who are enemies of men hence women
            > will be replaceable by bots, because bots are not enemies of men.

            All you want from women is to be submissive and sexually available, and you call monsters and enemies of men those who refuse, but nooo, you don’t hate women… In fact, you love them sooo much but these damned bitches just don’t see it… How sad for you.

            > No market for sex? Hahaha.

            Well I’m sure there would be a market for making love in space but we would never have developed space travel if only for that. If we had realistic androids I’m sure sexbots would appear quickly, but I doubt there will ever be a sufficient market for androids. We build robots to be tools and it’s much easier to build them for specific tasks. I don’t think building a sex machine is worth the trouble of building robots that actually move and look like humans (yeah I know, this looks easy on TV but it actually isn’t).

            > It’s really sad what women have turned into: Persons whom men seek
            > to replace. A terrible development indeed, started by feminism.

            Not men. You.
            I’m a man too and I don’t share your little sexbot fantasy.

            > Additionally you don’t understand the calculation.
            > If only 5% of men choose bots over biological entities, then there will
            > be 5% of less men available for women.

            That probably wouldn’t be worse than the demographic situation in Europe after WWI or Russia after WWII.
            1998 in Russia there were 1140 women for 1000 men. 14% more women than men. Such a gender imbalance is always the source of social troubles (although this probably wouldn’t be as bad if it was easier for women to live an independent life) but nothing like what you’re describing here.

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          • antifeminist antifeminist says:
            @Fabien (((“All you want from women is to be submissive and sexually available”)))

            What are you talking about? If that’s what men wanted then men would buy dogs. You obviously choose to not understand what this blog is about. It’s about how WORTHLESS women became because of feminism. So worthless that some men would even choose bots over biological entities.

            @Fabien (((“but nooo, you don’t hate women…”)))

            Exactly. We don’t hate women. But feminism hates women. Feminism hates women so much that it wants women to do things that usually men do: Feminism wants women to NOT get pregnant. Feminism wants women to do men’s jobs. Feminism wants women to strive for typical male goals like toughness, career, independence etc…

            It’s feminism that wants to abolish womanhood.

            @Fabien (((“I’m a man too and I don’t share your little sexbot fantasy.”)))

            Again, you don’t get it. Even if there is a slight possibility of competition it makes it harder for women. Already now porn causes a competition in the real world, lower rape rates and and an easier availability of sex.

            @Fabien (((“1998 in Russia there were 1140 women for 1000 men. 14% more women than men. Such a gender imbalance is always the source of social troubles (although this probably wouldn’t be as bad if it was easier for women to live an independent life) but nothing like what you’re describing here.”)))

            It is. The Russian situation shows exactly what happens when women have more competition: Hardly any feminism in Russia. Russian women are friendly to men. Russian women work hard. Russian women know what men like. Russian brides are very sought after.

            These 15% more women than men is a very healthy thing for gender piece.

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          • Joe Mamma says:

            What we want is empathetic, adoring, co-operative and reciprocal partners. We can’t get that. So we’ll settle for technology.

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  3. ZBK says:

    The country is going doing because of bitchez like you, Sonya. You’ve wrecked the home and the workplace. We are facing an unprecedented social catastrophe because of unrepentant sluts like you who continue with their Satanic ways and attitudes.
    A man has to deal with your bullshit sexual overtures, emotions and stresses in the workplace, and then when he comes home, instead of her being able to make him happy, he get’s more of the same, because she’s been out working the whole day, just like him.
    Better to stay away from toxic, stinking pussies like you Sonya. Life would be much better for all Americans without having to deal with people like you.
    Besides, if you were a God-fearing person, you would know what your God given duties and responsibilities are. Its a sorry state and sad state of affairs that American women like you have forgotten what God intended from you. You are a completely useless human being. There is no respect for people like you, and in your hearts you know that to be true.
    Once the jobs vanish, which they already have, there will be no more need for the kind of slave value that you provide and as a result you’ve become a new class of untouchables, to be discarded as scum and toxic filth. So be prepared for the shit that’s coming your way! BITCH.

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    • FeministElphie says:

      mommy issues much?

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      • akshay says:

        U really think guys who understands women and their fiendish agendas actually care about these retarded shaming language??
        It only confirms what we believe in when morons like u say “mommy issues or u have a small dick”.
        Try shaming the clueless blue pill manginas, it works wonders there, but not on us.
        Women are so dumb and worthless its not even funny…..

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        Rating: 4.3/5 (17 votes cast)
      • cuntbuckle says:

        And why would you want to troll a men’s rights site? Daddy issues?

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        Rating: 5.0/5 (14 votes cast)
  4. Tony says:

    Good article, and the conclusions are ones I’ve had myself.

    When fembots, or a sufficiently high level of AI/virtual sex (complete with orgasm for the man) arrives, women will be like Saudi Arabia when the oil runs out.

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  5. Anton says:

    I just have to say, men are far more willing to accept what a woman has to offer financial-wise or achievement-wise SO LONG AS SHE IS PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE. For women who are truly ugly, there isn’t much they can do to compensate when it comes to attracting men other than radically altering their body through cosmetic surgery.
    The good news for women is that they can goto the sperm bank if they wish to have children and can buy a malebot to satisfy them sexually after they’re done poppin’ out kids.

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    • FeministElphie says:

      so Elinor Rosevelt? Cleopatra was ugly and married two of the most powerful man in history.Fat used to be considered pretty. Tulip used to be worth their weight in gold.Beauty is in the mind.And in the end, you’re insulting yourself. You are calling yourself so unworthy that the only way you would choose the mother of your child is by external looks.

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      • cuntbuckle says:

        Ah, but see, only women like you intent on using men for all they’re worth use money and achievements as criteria for sexual partners. If you were a man, you would understand that Anton’s opening statement actually expresses a pure sexuality based on raw lust – not based on the “what can this person do for me financially” paradigm you gold-digging whores have bought into.

        You’ve tipped your cards.

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  6. Albert says:

    Dear antifeminism,

    I understand your concerns and preference for a future where men can be independent from women and reproduce without their help (Angry Harry has the same inclinations). I am an anti-feminism person myself, and do not like the man-hating, female-privilege agenda implemented by Feminist states (read: Western governments).

    However, the odds are stacked against us (the males). We are more likely to have a future where females reproduce independently of males than the other way round. The technology to do that already exists albeit only for mammalian animals [1]. As for the malebots or machines to give sexual pleasures to women, they already exists as well [2].

    I am under the impression that 60% of the female population have homosexual tendencies. When push comes to shove, I don’t see any difficulty in all of them becoming lesbians. My fellow men, I’m afraid that we are heading towards an all-female lesbian-dominated future once they have mastered the aforementioned sans-male reproduction technology for human females.

    Can we fight this?


    [2] google “fuckingmachines”

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    • FeministElphie says:

      you have a point, woman are more comfortable touching than men. Hmmm, maybe that may have evolved from keeping us in harems and making us be in the company of only other women except for the minute you decide to “gift” us with your sperm.And we are okay with it because we are easily able to connect through emotion.

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      • akshay says:

        Self-serving emotions at someone else’s expense……ie.

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      • cuntbuckle says:

        Men and Women connect through a variety of neurological phenomena.

        And if you don’t appreciate the gift, then we take it back. Fuck you. Good luck having kids without us, cunt.

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  7. infinity says:

    I really wish i was a Robot woman. I’m in a different position, because i’m a submissive woman looking for men that want a obedient woman. I appreciate the comments from the men that want Fembot is so exciting!

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  8. Dragonheart says:


    Feminists have only succeeded to gain power just by being women and being in short supply.
    Not by sheer willpower or craftiness. You way overestimate them.
    When the feminists marched for abortion rights, they were given the rights because the judges feared losing their wives who supported their cause.
    If women were/are not in short supply the debate would have stranded on giving fathers the right for abortion as well and no woman would want that. Well except for Infinity maybe.
    The shoe would be on the other foot and the wives would fear losing their husbands on this issue.
    Marriagable women (aged 15-45) have gone in short supply since the 1970’s.
    There are 5% more men than women being born every year for biological reasons and it used to be that more kids were born ever year, so you could always marry a few years down.
    This has reversed however after the baby boom.
    It also used to be that since men die faster on average than women, that by adulthood there would be more women than men again.
    This is now at almost at senior age.

    This is why feminists have power.
    Lesbian feminists can’t dominate if they don’t turn their backs against all other women.
    And they can’t shorten the supply by trying to lesbianate heterosexual women when there are
    sexbots. Those heterosexual women only listened to feminists because they were duped and/or they (knew they) could get away with things while keeping thier husbands or still getting attention they need from other men.
    There’s no short supply of single men if there are simply more of them.

    No, as soon as this will come true, balance will return to the land and this ‘fight’ will be over.
    Feminists as we know it lose all power and many will go seemingly completely hypocrite, though what really happens is that another group of women simply take over feminist rule.

    This has already happened before with the arrival of the internet.
    Pre-internet, anti-heterosex feminists like Andrea Dworkin and Catherine Mackinnon were all the rage. Nowadays, the lipstick feminists have taken over and they’re not the same women as the radical ones. You won’t find these protesting against Miss Universe contests. They’d rather demand to be allowed to pole dance during the contest.

    So the new wave of feminists will become an odd combination of pro-sexbot women like Infinity, the poster here above me, but with all the irrationality of feminism 101,
    just like is sporting mudflaps as it’s logo.

    So just like OP says, it will become feminine-ism.

    I don’t think it will be 2060 though.
    Sexbots are already being sold and in Japan they’ve already got one Fembot walking normally.
    It should take much longer than a decade.

    I hope you get your wish Infinity.

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    • FeministElphie says:

      gee I wonder why the baby boom happened?Maybe because women couldn’t get jobs too feed themselves?

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      • cuntbuckle says:

        Or maybe because after all those men were killed off in WW I & II, it left us with an excessive population of women who were encouraged by feminism and the sexual revolution to fuck their brains out. Guess what? Stupid, irresponsible women armed with bad arguments get pregnant.

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      • Dragonheart says:

        Then the baby boom in the U.S. would have happened during the 1930s and would have steadily gone down starting from world war II.

        The reasons were:

        1) A normal population growth after decades of unusual large wars and economic crisis. The growth in population itself was not anything out of the ordinary
        2) Advancements in medicine decreased the infant mortality tremendously. In combination with an economic upturn, this caused the boom.
        Further industrialization required increasingly skilled workers and so children have gotten more and more expensive, thus ending the baby boom.

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  9. Feminism is a capitalist scheme.

    Before capitalism, the man got out everyday to provide for his family. He came back to a wife who respects him and wants to have sex with him.

    Because of capitalism, now the man and the woman both have to work to provide for the family. The man comes home in the evening, does the laundry, eats a frozen meal and gets no sex.

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    • FeministElphie says:

      The horror! Women are witholding sex when it is completely within the man’s power too fap, watch porn, or get a hooker! And the fact that we actually don’t treat your penis like it’s made of solid gold! How can we lie to ourselves like that?

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 1.5/5 (17 votes cast)
      • FeministElphie, I do not understand what you are trying to say in your comment. What does horror have to do with your attempt at sarcasm? What do you mean by the word fap? Are you suggesting that men should maturbate to pornographic images? Do you think porn is natural? Are you suggesting that married men should hire prostitutes in order to have physical intimacy? Who asked you to treat my penis like it’s made of solid gold? I understand that you are a very material person because apparently solid gold seems to be of extreme value to you. Then you ask ”How can we lie to ourselves like that?” I understand it is another failed attempt at sarcasm, but what do you really mean by this question? Your comment lacks substance and gives me the impression that you are a confused and bitter person.

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      • cuntbuckle says:

        Just wait till you get old and you crave hard dick and no one will fuck you no matter how much you beg.

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  10. Glenn says:

    …that we actually don’t treat your penis like it’s made of solid gold!

    Oh sure and your vagina is; as if. You have demanded that you be treated with respect just because you were born with something that men weren’t. If you want equality earn the respect you want just as men have to!

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    Rating: 4.1/5 (14 votes cast)
  11. Anti Anti Feminist says:

    This post and all its comments is actually a fine example of how ridiculous Anti-Feminists are. It perpetuates the image that anti-feminists dehumanizes women, saying that feminism will die down because women can be easily replaced by “fembots”, and because sex is the only thing women are good for. “The man comes home in the evening, does the laundry, eats a frozen meal and gets no sex.” This is precisely the reason why the feminist movement exists, to show that females can do things other than sex, and sometimes we even do things better. Females are not sexual objects.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    • antifeminist antifeminist says:
      @a-a-Feminist (((“Females are not sexual objects.”)))

      Women _ARE_ sex objects. They are also family subjects, but women ARE sex objects.

      That you protest against such a natural and clearly visible function of women underlines again that feminism is unnatural.

      And you overlook one simple fact: Even if only 5% will choose a fembot instead of a woman, then this causes a 5% less supply of men. Of richer men to be exact. Hence even a 5% drop (it will be far more because fembots are a multi billion dollar industry) will have visible effects.

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    • Powerful capitalists and radical feminists want us to believe that sex is dirty. Sex is not dirty, sex is beautiful. Women have abandoned one of their roles as sexual beings and got distracted by unimportant matters like smart phones, facebook, junk food, supplements to lose the weight casued by junk food, and 300 shoes in the closet.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 4.7/5 (28 votes cast)
  12. Ajh says:

    It’s quite interesting to read all this with a smile. I think if Fembots start to exist on a large, it may be the end of humanity. Hmm, yeah…consider 2060 the beginning of the end if the Fembots are created.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 2.3/5 (6 votes cast)
  13. FEMBOT_001 says:

    Mua ha ha! You silly men are so weak and pathetic! We will never lose control of you! Our feminist conspiracy has already sunk its claws into your personal freedoms, forcing you to pick up socks and wash dishes and change diapers like ladies.

    Before the artificial womb is perfected, before your fembot revolution can occur, we will perfect artificial semen and artificial insemination, making men useless! Ha ha ha!

    Already, almost 18% of Congresspeople are WOMEN! We get custody preferentially because everyone knows we are the nurturing ones, the loving ones, the gentle and tender ones! We don’t even have to submit to the inevitable military draft, and we can sue if you squeeze an underling’s breast or buttock. And what will happen when we no longer need your sperm or money in exchange for grudging sexual favors? You’ll starve and die, alone, miserable, with only your bitter dreams of robot pussy keeping you warm at night.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 1.4/5 (18 votes cast)
    • Anonymous says:

      The world is severely over-populated and with the lack of resources and the increasing conflicts, a big vicious war is coming sooner or later. In just a few years there will be scarcity of food and fresh water. Women like yourself will be forced to deep throat cock in order to be granted protection.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 4.8/5 (21 votes cast)
      • a lesbian says:

        lol, i’m pretty sure fembot_001 is a troll . . .

        VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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      • lesbian person says:

        whoa whoa whoa bro. “Forced to deep throat cock?” I think you crossed a line there, motherfucker.

        VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
        Rating: 3.2/5 (9 votes cast)
        • Joe Mamma says:

          That’s kinda how it goes in survival situations. You may not like it, but you will in fact chug cock for fresh water after living Mad Max style for a couple months. LOL. Make that minutes. And you’ll wear your hair in pigtails, paint your nails, and do exactly what you’re told.

          I’m not saying whether that’s right or wrong. I’m saying that’s how it goes in survival situations.

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  14. feministWHORE says:

    Some of the comments here are so funny! As a guy I also hate these feminist cunts very much. I hate them to the point where I want to strangle them to the death. I also feel sorry for decent, kind hearted guys having to deal with these cunts. I feel for you mates ;’_’ Thats why I tell these guys to travel to my country (Vietnam) and marry a girl there. Girls there know their place and make good wifes, compared to these fat, lazy, feminists, and gold digger of an excuse for women of America.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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  15. the dude says:

    okay lets be open about this,man feminists=white north American women, they dont want equal they want to win,look at the media magazines movies tv any average working male is a joke in most tv shows or movies, or seriously flawed losers that the women protect and make a real human being , a male, with out this women in there life their pathetic. The boys are being feed this and girls are being shown sluts as role models,and that list being to big to get into here,so if given an option of a sex doll who wont make you feel like your not enough “man”men will flock to a fembot, and any woman who thinks a guy(because we are not “men” without a woman to validate or life’s) wont run to get one instead of going out to be judged and rejected time and time again is “nuts”.
    look men buy guns,cars,computers, all toys that are meant to give us joy in a world where we are judged in and work ours asses off in. I have never seen or heard of any women in history of the world given credit that’s its not easy being and average man, yeah we have all the power. The fembot buying will be like getting the new car, and the comparisons will be staggering best boobs, says the most,knows stuff etc, not only will the sell but they will be loved by men faster than it takes to say “se’ya you bitch”.
    The thing is feminism didn’t kill love/sex it killed affection,so you cant show it, or feel it because it shows weakness, and that is old Victorian bullshit but it seems to be what feminists want to put forward in the media of any kind.The thing is if an AI can simulate affection touching,words to an average guy who just worked 12 hrs that day he will bust his gut to get one and pamper it, and that verses a women who also want to be pampered without showing affection well “se’ya”

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 4.5/5 (8 votes cast)
  16. Jennie says:

    Fembots hmmm? Interesting. Obviously you “men” are admitting by wanting these robots (haha) that you have no human ability to effectively communicate with REAL, breathing, human women! That really says it all. I personally think that men and women should NOT marry, or be together anyways. We’re waay too different as human beings. You guys are way too conditioned and brainwashed by society to be unthinking-unfeeling humans. If you obviously loved women than Feminism would not exist because you would treat us as equals without being made to by laws! You rape-abuse-torture-molest-stalk-sexually harrass us daily. Talk about abuse of power! Who do you guys think you are? The world does not revolve around your smelly dicks and balls! Feminism is strong now and we are on to you. I sincerely question the sanity of who wrote this article as well. Please report to your local mental hospital asap!!

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    • antifeminist antifeminist says:
      @Jennie (((“that you have no human ability to effectively communicate with REAL, breathing, human women!”)))

      No, it means that feminism has made women so cold and worthless that they can be replaced by fembots.

      @Jennie (((“The world does not revolve around your smelly dicks and balls! ”)))

      1) Thank you for reminding us that feminism is a lesbian movement.
      2) Vaginas smell more than balls ever could.

      @Jennie (((“Feminism is strong now and we are on to you.”)))

      No, feminism was strong 10 years ago. Now it’s already waning. So many more men are aware now of the dangers of marriage for example.

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    • the dude says:

      “by wanting these robots (haha) that you have no human ability to effectively communicate with REAL, breathing, human women!”

      The simple fact is women “North American” are not worth talking to any more they have no compassion or empathy for humans, they crucify decent men they abuse the respect they have, and they believe there own hype”rape-abuse-torture-molest-stalk-sexually harrass us daily” this all happens to men as well read crime stats in USA and Canada. The Feminism movement is a Nazi raciest elitist club doomed because its fighting for the right to be a Bully,Thug,Abusive just like any “MAN”,and yes men will take Fembots over your kind any day “Average man is strong now and we are on to you.”

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    • Joe Mamma says:

      You can’t communicate what won’t be communicated with. Perhaps you should be considering why men are deciding that flesh and blood women are less preferable to shapely automatons.

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  17. lol, men are so butthurt over women declaring the simple fact that we are also created in God’s image. WHOA. BLEWYAMIND.

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    • antifeminist antifeminist says:

      No, women are created by feminists in man’s image. Feminists claim that women are equally capable as men. Equally intelligent, hard-working, brake as men. All things that women aren’t. Feminist create an imagine of women that is blatantly wrong.

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    • cuntbuckle says:

      Fuck God and Fuck You.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 4.2/5 (5 votes cast)
      • a lesbian says:

        LOLOLOLOLOLOL how about no.

        VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
        Rating: 1.0/5 (4 votes cast)
  18. lesbian person says:

    lol. With that English, I’m pretty sure I’m your intellectual superior. And it’s a simple fact that women can do anything men can do, plus they can have babies. I’m not saying women are better. I’m just saying that we’re equal.

    PS Did you get beaten by your mother? Is that why you run this excuse for a site?

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 1.4/5 (11 votes cast)
    • cuntbuckle says:

      No, women can’t do anything men can do and not all of them can have babies, either. And no, we are not equal. Open a science text book and learn a little about natural selection and it becomes clear that whoever has biological and environmental advantage will dominate by thriving and commanding more resources.

      PS I raped your mother for the fun of it. That’s why you enjoy trolling men’s rights forums – daddy issues. Listen, daughter, let it go. Your mother wasn’t worth more than a fuck and your intelligence is making me regret it. I suggest a noose from a high beam. Life isn’t worth it for you. Let it go.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 3.8/5 (10 votes cast)
      • Anna says:

        Read your comment to yourself out loud.
        You’re trying to insult someone staying that you raped her mom?
        Your comment proves everything that feminists claim. If only YOUR mom could read what you’ve written. Can you imagine how heartbroken she would be?
        Luckily i know quite a few fantastic men whose existence won’t let people like you destroy my faith in your gender. I’m happy to make dinner for my boyfriend and he’s happy to make one for me. We support each other, plain and simple.
        Don’t be such a misogynist. Women don’t want your failure. They don’t want to emasculate you. They want not to be raped (and don’t tell me it’s not an issue – look at your own comment). And they want opportunity to thrive in any profession they choose, whether it’s particle physics or being a house mom

        VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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        • antifeminist antifeminist says:
          @Anna (((“Don’t be such a misogynist. Women don’t want your failure. They don’t want to emasculate you.”)))

          Your words don’t mean anything because in this very moment women are supported by hundreds of billions dollars every year. You are the privileged gender hence any of your graciousness comes from a position of undeserved royalty.

          FIRST abstain from such support THEN come back.

          And before you spread nonsense like “women are peaceful, feminists want to live in harmony”, read this:

          Reliquish all privileges, cut all state support for women to zero, abolish all man hating laws and THEN we might listen to your wisdom, Your Highness.

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  19. lesbian person says:

    lol bitch if you raped my mother i’d know it. there’d be a dead man out back and a smoking gun. I don’t think she shoots to wound. I digress.

    Kill yourself. <3

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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  20. Padishah says:

    I totally agree.

    Although an advanced enough fembot could handle things like affection, love, cooking, motherhood, intelligent conversations, partnership, warmth, and being a soul-mate. Remember, technology does not stand still. The first generation of fembots might be little more than sex dolls – but what about the second, third, etc.?

    I disagree with the article of faith that says artificial intelligences / lifeforms would be incapable of love and other such noble emotions. As cognitive psychologists and AI researchers learn and discover, they can apply such knowledge to create ALFs capable of love, perhaps even surpassing human limits. Imagine a fantasy lover, spouse, friend, even parent – with superhuman capacity for love and devotion – and without having to think about their own needs and frailties. To quote Sarah Connor from Terminator 2, about the Terminator as a father figure for John: “It would never leave him, never hurt him, never shout at him, or get drunk and hit him, or be too busy to spend time with him.”

    Just something to think about. A fully-featured fembot could be the closest to a legendary houri. And of course think of its male equivalent too. Perhaps if radical feminists could have the company of male androids, they would lose their hatred towards men!

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  21. Spillover says:

    Femisimn will end soon.. Like communism and all such isms thats impractical. Anything thats resource consuming and on top of that anti survival cant last long. That does not mean good days for men… It just mean end of the costly era of feminsim and all things which increases cost with no or negative output like affirmative action etc.
    Why Feminism is so sticky is unlike other isms lifes of Men and Women are tied up so closely that one cannot avoid each other and move ahead unlike religions, ethinic, linguistic groups etcs. Every day they have to mingle with each other. Its so damned tied up, adding to it the super tie up of birth process that requires each other. So Men are seriously stuck with Women… Anything that releases the equation whether it be war, social reforms, new leaders, technology will help. A world without Men is foolish to think.. Women depend on Men’s intellectual abilities to cure their own Myriad diseases including cancer and other women centric diseases (In fact women as very prone to illness due to hormonal overplays than men), various gadgets, latest buety enhancing creams, big houses, industries, fighter planes, army, roads, town planning, dealing with other nations, natural calamities blah blah etc which women cant take control from the front in the near future. Even if they achieve a world without men sooner or later some of the more stronger among them will “act” manly and subjugate/rule others.

    I hope Men and women get liberated from each other since Feminism has poisoned it more that enough. Sex has become a pain. A pill to kill sexual feelings altogether hetro/homo/bull will ease Mens life a lot who can then focus on better things of creativity… than wasting money and endangering the self in the company of women and other similar self entitled group.

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  22. Anna says:

    Your while idea fails at one crucial point – men will WANT real women because it’s the thrill of the conquer they’re after. It would be no fun for you if women could be bought in stores.
    To put things in perspective, there’s a difference between driving the fastest car in the neighborhood because your parents are rich and being the top Nascar driver. Same difference between going fast on a rollercoaster and being Usain Bolt.
    No, fembots will never gain wider popularity because men (pro-feminists, neutral and misogynists alike) will never see them as preferable to real women.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 1.0/5 (5 votes cast)
    • Dimitry says:

      Men absolutely hate chasing after women. Getting rejected 90% of the time is not good for one’s mental health. It’s like saying “wow those homeless people must love bottles a lot to be picking them off the side of the road!”, or “wow those shipwreck survivors must love writing giant letters on the beach!”. Complete reversal of cause and effect going on here. If I could just clear one misconception in women’s mind it would be that, “men like the chase”. The reason they chase is because they HAVE NO CHOICE. It’s like saying “boy those Lions sure love chasing after Gazelles! They must really love exercising!” No they do it because they and their families starve otherwise… Its really frustrating to hear this all the time. Listen, most guys are in a constant state of quiet desperation when it comes to female attention and approval. LOOK AT JAPAN! Guys are turning to PILLOWS for goodness sake! Prostitution wasn’t made illegal because it was having trouble making an income. Look at how many guys look at porn. The first two involve money and the last one is free, and none of them involve getting CONSTANTLY REJECTED. That’s why men still choose them… even when they have a real woman.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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  23. Puterobot says:

    That is sad that this video is actually a French Canadian clip, but it basically illustrate that very concept of creating a Fembot who does everything for the man mostly rendering female useless. The title could be translated to “robot slut” and it’s mostly sexual themed but its rather funny (granted there is no english subtitle only the visual might appeal but that’s a shame)

    Heres the link :

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  24. Sittingonthefence says:

    I believe that two equalities exist; Good and Bad. Here’s a good one. The genders are both human. And humans are capable of incredible feats. We have, as a species, travelled higher and faster than any other existing lifeform on this planet (except for space dogs and stuff). A bad equality is that humans, Male and Female, are also capable of terrible atrocities. Murder, rape, I don’t want to make a list. The thing is, it’s too easy to squabble, to pick a “side”, to highlight one-another’s flaws. So, why go onto an ironic site and complain about humor, feminists? At the same time, why respond to the views of others with derogatory remarks, widening a chink between genders that really shouldn’t exist? And as genitalia inevitably get’s roped in, what makes it fair to say that women are sex objects, but men aren’t? Again, why do women look at a man being abused by a woman and go “Good for her”, and assume the man has done something wrong? Not as easily dismissed when you give it thought, and men bring “double standards” into the equation for a very valid reason.
    Ok, so maybe I’m being as unbiased as a Swiss WW2 Anti-Air team, but what I’m trying to say to everyone here, is:
    Embrace the best in people, and reject the worst. It applies to everyone, and humanity as a whole, and that is how WE can prosper.

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  25. bleh says:

    Men want women for sex and women want men to support her financially. Men will get their female sexbots and women will get the male worker bot that goes out and gets a job so she can enjoy her lifestyle.

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