Women and children first? Women and mentally retarded first!


Isn’t it nice to see that “women and children” is an idiom?

Just like “left and right”, “cow and milk”, “sun and moon”?

When there is talk about violence against children, someone will mention “We have to stop violence against women and children”.

It’s feministic brainwashing par excellence.

Not only that it puts female adults on the same helpless level like 3 year old children, but more importantly it EXCLUDES MEN thus it does several things.

When you use the idiom “Violence against women and children”

  1. you secretly accuse MEN of violence against women and against children
  2. you put violent women out of sight (although most violence against children is perpetrated by women)
  3. you exclude men as victims



The Birkenhead Drill (“women and children first”) is feministic eugenics

Please note that it is “women and children” and not “women with children”.

It’s simply “children, women”.

It’s not “mothers with children”.

And it’s not “women holding a child in their arms”.

No, it’s simply FEMALE ADULTS.

It’s dirty gender eugenics: “Everyone with the right set of genitals first” and “Men are so worthless they are actually happy to die”.



Anti-Birkenhead Drill

Now, since this idiom “women and children” is so wide-spread and “women and children first” is so engraved in brainwashed heads, it’s important to do the following:

Whenever someone states “women and children” you either have to shout

No sexism, please!

-or- (since women are such tender individuals in dire need of support)

Women and mentally retarded first
“Women and infantile persons first”
Women and other small people first

to expose this blatant man-hate and equation of female adults with children and babies.


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  1. FeministElphie says:

    and does saying exist today in our so-called “feminist” society?

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    • Maya says:

      This is really funny since this country is primarily run by white males. Feminist society? WHAT?

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