Is feminism capitalistic or communistic?

July 4th, 2011

An interesting thing about feminism is, that it combines several competing ideologies.


Is feminism left progressive or right conservative?

  • Feminism is left-wing socialist because it tries to dissolve families.
  • But feminism is also right-wing conservative because mothers should have the natural right to their children and children should not be separated from mothers by anyone including by their own fathers.


Is feminism left or center?

  • Feminism hides behind nice terms like “equal right”, “equality”, “liberation of women”, “fighting against discrimination”. Therefore it makes the impression that it is “center” or even “above a left-right scheme”
  • In reality feminism is so far to the left that the favorite argument against anti-feminists is to call them “right-wing extremists“.


Is feminism for freedoms or for force?

  • Feminism like to present itself as a movement for “more rights” and “more choice” and “against restrictions”
  • In reality feminism criticizes mothers and family units constantly and wherever it can it creates legislation that reduces the rights of parents and that enforces socialistic schemes upon families (full day kindergarten, gender mainstreaming in schools etc).


Is feminism for equal rights or against equal rights?

  • Feminism presents itself as a proponent of  equal rights (= men should not have more rights than women).
  • But in reality feminism is nothing but a proponent of utterly one-sided rights (= special privileges for women).


Does feminism cause rape?

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Are anti-feminists right-wing extremists?

June 9th, 2011

One of the frequent reproaches against anti feminists is

  • Anti-feminists are far right
  • Anti-feminists are extreme right wing
  • Anti-feminists are nazis



Feminism is so far left that ANYTHING non-feministic is immediately far right.

And feminism tries to equalize women and men so much that ANY innocent statement like “Men are men and women are women” is already sexist.


Thus if you hear a feminist sweeping away all anti-feministic arguments by “Oh, these anti-feminists are right wing extremists” you have to understand that it’s a propagandistic statement similar to a stalinist complaining about democracy.

Nearly anything feminists say is left propaganda.

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Year 2060 – The end of feminism due to fembots and artifcial uteri

June 4th, 2011

Things look good for men.

Feminism will end 2060 (just a random year approximately 50 years from now).

And the two reasons are

  • Artificial uteruses (artificial uteri)
  • Realistic fembots (female robots, women androids)

Each of these two things is enough to shrink feminism immensely. But both together mean the death of feminism.

Let me explain…


Men want sex more than quarrel

Men want sex. That’s no secret.

But men want sex so much they’re even willing to live together with a woman who quarrels, bitches around, makes snide remarks, refuses to cook, refuses to raise children correctly and who represents a constant danger to sue him, accuse him of rape or kidnap his children.

For men in such relationships sex is the main reason to continue.

Thus realistic fembots are a viable alternative for these men.

This is the thought that these men will have:
“Looking at my current wife/girl-friend
should I drop her for a fembot that looks the same (or better)?”
“Looking at my current wife/girl-friend
should I additionally get a fembot?”

And should men in the future Read the rest of this entry » «Year 2060 – The end of feminism due to fembots and artifcial uteri»

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Gender Pay Gap… and why feminists LOVE it

June 3rd, 2011

The gender pay gap (= women earn less per hour than men) is THE VERY REASON why feminists think that feminism hasn’t reached its goals yet.

“As long as women earn ((insert any 2-digit number)) percent less per hour than men feminism has still a long way to go”


“As long as women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn, feminism still has work to do”


Let me clarify it here once and for all: If there is a gender pay gap then it’s to the detriment of men, not women!


Different work, different pay *duh*

Yes, women do INDEED earn less than men.

But NOT for the same work.

I know that suffragettes and pink poodles WILL OFTEN LIE (“For the same work women get paid 25% less *cry*”) but it’s NOT for the same work. It’s for different work.

This lie (“for SAME work”) has been repeated so often by feminists that it might come as a real shock for some that it’s actually for different work.

If women get so much less for the same work
then employers would only hire women
since it’s such a good deal


Women earn less because they work less

Whenever someone cries “Women earn less” you have to interrupt and say Read the rest of this entry » «Gender Pay Gap… and why feminists LOVE it»

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Don’t date women with kids! WARNING!

May 19th, 2011


If you meet a woman and she makes feminist remarks ("gender pay gap", "patriarchy", …) immediately kick her out. Otherwise you'll have a false rape accusation coming.

ADDITIONALLY there is another type of woman you should never date:

If you meet a woman with children, who haven't seen their father since ages, drop this woman, too, like a hot potato.

Even if this single mom does not make feministic remarks: RUN!

These women put always themselves first, children second, and men fifth.


It's a NATURAL INSTINCT of men to keep away from single mothers with children.

Children need their fathers. Thus women who Read the rest of this entry » «Don’t date women with kids! WARNING!»

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The happiest countries in the world are feminist countries

May 15th, 2011

Sometimes feminists use the argument “The most happy countries in the world are the feministic Scandinavian countries. Therefore anti-feminists get it wrong.”

What feminist refer to is the “Satisfaction with Life Index” which has Denmark at the top.

But feminists make several mistakes: Read the rest of this entry » «The happiest countries in the world are feminist countries»

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Two things femininsts hate

May 14th, 2011

There are two things that female feminists hate:

  1. When boys are boys and men are men.
  2. When men criticize women


Feminists hate criticism of women

In the feminists world view women are either victims or goddesses.

Thus any sentence like “it’s women’s  fault” or “men are victims, too” or “there are some things that women do worse than men” makes you immediately a right-wing woman-hater with ties to neo-nazis.

You as a man may not CRITICIZE ANY WOMAN for ANY reason whatsoever.

Women are so holy or so superior to men that ANY fault one may find in women is at least 10 times bigger in men (“Yes, she murdered her 3 kids, but men do this since centuries”).


It’s a crime to be a boy or a man

The other thing that feminists hate is when boys/men behave typically like boys/men.

Feminists will declare anything typically male a crime: Read the rest of this entry » «Two things femininsts hate»

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Women and children first? Women and mentally retarded first!

May 8th, 2011

Isn’t it nice to see that “women and children” is an idiom?

Just like “left and right”, “cow and milk”, “sun and moon”?

When there is talk about violence against children, someone will mention “We have to stop violence against women and children”.

It’s feministic brainwashing par excellence.

Not only that it puts female adults on the same helpless level like 3 year old children, but more importantly it EXCLUDES MEN thus it does several things.

When you use the idiom “Violence against women and children”

  1. you secretly accuse MEN of violence against women and against children
  2. you put violent women out of sight (although most violence against children is perpetrated by women)
  3. you exclude men as victims


The Birkenhead Drill (“women and children first”) is feministic eugenics

Please note that it is “women and children” and not “women with children”.

It’s simply “children, women”.

It’s not “mothers with children”.

And it’s not “women holding a child in their arms”.

No, it’s simply FEMALE ADULTS.

It’s dirty gender eugenics: “Everyone with the right set of genitals first” and “Men are so worthless they are actually happy to die”.


Anti-Birkenhead Drill

Now, since this idiom “women and children” is so wide-spread and “women and children first” is so engraved in brainwashed heads, it’s important to do the following:

Whenever someone states “women and children” you either have to shout

No sexism, please!

-or- (since women are such tender individuals in dire need of support)

Women and mentally retarded first
“Women and infantile persons first”
Women and other small people first

to expose this blatant man-hate and equation of female adults with children and babies.


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Feministic newspeak: Even feminists don’t call it ‘feminism’ anymore

May 8th, 2011

Did you notice that “feminism” became such a curse word that not even feminists use it anymore?

They will squirm and wiggle and instead replace it by “gender”, “equality” or “equalization”.

It’s still the same old man-hating and woman-hating ideology underneath with a brand new polish. Trying to sound more neutral and less in your face.


Feminist newspeak / Redefinition of hate

Let me translate here the newspeak for not brainwashed people:

Gender equality = Feminism.

Gender studies = Studies about the situation of women.

Gender pay gap = A supposed income gap to the disadvantage of women.

Center for gender studies =  Think tank to devalue men and mothers.

Gender quotas = Quotas to place women in positions they don’t deserve.

Equality officer = A female officer who makes sure that women are privileged and men under constant observation.


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Feminism just started and has still a long way to go

May 8th, 2011

When discussing the results of feminism you will notice that 90% of opinions are NEGATIVE.

And then out of nowhere a feminist will raise the voice and philosophize: “As I can see from your hateful reactions feminism is far from conclusion. Feminism must continue and has still a long way to go until such opinions are a matter of the past!”

No, you got it the other way around.

No, feminism isn’t hated because it still needs to achieve its goals.

No, feminism isn’t hated because anti-female resentments have yet to be overcome.


Feminism is hated because it OVERDID IT.


The criticism is INFORMED CRITICISM by women and men who have been EXPOSED to the RESULTS of feminism.

It is not “blind criticism” that criticizes because of Read the rest of this entry » «Feminism just started and has still a long way to go»

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